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Hiring shouldn’t
 be so hard.

Talentdrop's mission is to be a straightforward and productive hiring solution for retail, hospitality and x businesses. It's simple: we help build pipeline, and we help screen candidates for managers. We do it with a delightful interface and AI recruiting assistant who has time to get to all the things managers and recruiters can't.

Talentdrop is female-founded, female-owned, and female-operated.
Say hello at support@talentdrop.com.

The Team

After more than a decade of building teams and products at high-growth consumer tech companies like Instacart, Snapchat, and Uber, cofounders Maddy and Janelle turned their attention to building the suite of hiring tools they wished they could have used on the job.

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Madeleine Nguyen

Co-Founder / CEO

Hi! I'm originally from the SF Bay Area. I went to Georgetown University in DC for undergrad where I played Women's Golf and studied Classics. I then went to law school at Washington University in St. Louis where I became interested in employment law, which led me to explore careers in HR and Talent. I wanted to get into tech so I pursued opportunities in recruiting, starting at a firm (Riviera) then going in house to Instacart, Snapchat, and Uber between 2013-2019. I left to start Talentdrop!

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Janelle Tiulentino

Co-Founder / CTO

I have the taste buds of a five-year-old, and I'm living proof that a self-professed dog person can indeed become a cat person. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Adeola Adeyemo

Founding Engineer

Joined a team of friends to build a startup in the University, and learning to write code stuck with me ever since. I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading short articles, and the depth of stories in anime. Fun fact, I also create digital art and comics (learned to draw in 2019).

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