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Get recommendations from trusted connections to find exceptional people for your open roles

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Find great talent in half the time, pre-vetted by your network and supercharged by an AI recruiting assistant that manages your screening and scheduling needs

Easy-to-use platform

Quickly set up and launch a campaign to gather talent recommendations from your network without any prior experience or technical expertise.

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Leverage the power of AI (beta)

Use our recruiting assistant to get custom, bespoke recommendations within our curated network; automatically schedule interviews, create enticing job descriptions, and get help managing your candidate pipeline.

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Access to a community of networker referrals

Benefit from the work others have done in finding and vetting great talent, making your hiring process more efficient.

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Centralized Talent Pool

Effortlessly keep track of top candidates from various sources, such as email referrals and LinkedIn searches, all in one place.

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Cost-effective Solution

Reduce your reliance on expensive recruiters and search firms by leveraging the power of your network.

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Improved Candidate Quality

Gain access to high-quality candidates recommended by people you trust, increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

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Save Time

Streamline your recruiting process by receiving pre-vetted talent recommendations from your trusted contacts.

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Talentdrop Classic

$0 per month

For individual hiring managers. Closed trial - get in touch if you want to know more!

Talentdrop Premium

Coming Soon

For small business owners. We give you the base to hire exceptional people for your open roles, easily.