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A personal CRM for your referrals, organized in one place.

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Keep track of referrals from your network.

Share your referrals with recruiters and other hiring managers.

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Screen out candidates who aren't a fit so you can spend more time with those who are.

Keep track of great referrals who weren't right at the time, but worth revisiting later.

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Stand out from every other lookalike job post.

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What is Talentdrop?

Talentdrop is a hiring tool that helps you build a pipeline of referrals without the back and forth of name-sharing, context-overloading, and list-adding. People can read what you're looking for and simply drop a referral into your pipeline with zero extra work. It's Calendly for recruiting.

Who is Talentdrop for?

Talentdrop is for anyone hiring and wanting referrals for their open role(s). This probably means you're a hiring manager, recruiter, founder, in senior leadership, or otherwise invested in closing this role (looking at you, enthusiastic interviewers).

How does it work?

Sign up to create your personal URL and tweak it however you'd like. Share it anywhere (LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, iMessage, email, Discord, Reddit, you get the idea). Sit back, and watch your referrals rack up. Contact the referrals you're interested in, or share your pipeline with a recruiting partner to handle outreach for you.

How does Talentdrop fit into my hiring workflow?

There are three channels in recruiting: inbound, outbound, and referrals. A well-rounded recruiting strategy includes all three. Inbound is job posts that passively collect resumes. You probably use an ATS for this. Outbound is sourcing. You probably use LinkedIn and a messaging CRM for this. Referrals are a hybrid, and it's often the top-performing channel. You'll use Talentdrop for this.

Where are the best places for me to share my personal Talentdrop link?

Wherever you have the biggest reach. This is probably LinkedIn, Slack groups, Twitter, and targeted requests for help via private message.

I'm recruiting but am not the hiring manager. Can I still use Talentdrop?

Yes! Briefly summarize the role you're working on filling in your bio and it works just the same.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. We are currently in test mode and offering the product for free.

I'm a hiring manager but I want my company to pay for Talentdrop, not me personally. What should I do?

(1) It's free during our testing period, so sign up and start using your link ASAP. (2) Life is short! Charge it to your corporate card - it's not that expensive. You can always cancel later. (3) Connect our CEO Maddy with your People or Talent leader and let them know that you're trying a new tool to boost your recruiting efforts. Her email is maddy@talentdrop.com.

Does Talentdrop connect to my ATS?

Not yet. Talentdrop helps you keep things manageable by being a pocket-sized personal pipeline, not an unwieldy database.

How do I get started?

Visit talentdrop.com/signup to create your own link in under 2 minutes.

Still have questions?

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to us!