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Link with other businesses to access exceptional, pre-vetted talent and lower your recruiting costs with AI-powered tools

Community-driven talent pool

Leverage the combined hiring efforts of businesses in your community to create a powerful, shared candidate pipeline.

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Pre-vetted candidates

Join your local hiring community and gain access to high-quality candidates already vetted by other businesses, improving the likelihood of successful hires.

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AI-powered hiring tools

Streamline your hiring process with AI-driven candidate screening, interview scheduling, and job description creation.

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Lower recruiting costs

Reduce dependence on expensive recruiters or job boards by tapping into a community-sourced talent pool.

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Connect with exceptional candidates faster and spend less time on the hiring process.

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Support small business growth

Strengthen your local business community by sharing resources and supporting each other's success.

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Talentdrop Classic

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For individual hiring managers. Closed trial - get in touch if you want to know more!

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For small business owners. We give you the base to hire exceptional people for your open roles, easily.