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One streamlined hiring experience property-wide

Help your properties hire the best candidates with a powerful, shared candidate pipeline

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Efficiently source exceptional talent across your properties, unite stores' hiring efforts, and streamline your hiring process with AI-powered tools

Shared candidate pipeline

Maximize the value of your existing candidate pool by connecting stores' individual hiring funnels to create a powerful, shared resource.

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Faster hiring process

Reduce the time it takes to fill open positions by giving stores access to a high-quality candidate pool that has already been vetted by other properties.

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AI-powered tools

Streamline your hiring process with advanced AI tools that assist with candidate screening, interview scheduling, and talent management.

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Unite hiring efforts

Foster collaboration between properties by enabling them to share insights, feedback, and experiences with the candidates they've interviewed—supplemented by AI. Proactively recommend similar onsite jobs to candidates.

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Improve candidate quality

Access better candidates by leveraging the combined resources and knowledge of your entire network of properties.

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Cost-effective solution

Reduce reliance on expensive recruitment agencies and job boards by utilizing the power of a shared candidate pipeline.

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Easy-to-use platform

Manage your hiring process through a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training and technical expertise.

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Scalable solution

Adapt and grow with your organization, allowing you to add or remove properties as needed without disrupting the overall hiring process.

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Talentdrop Classic

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For individual hiring managers. Closed trial - get in touch if you want to know more!

Talentdrop Premium

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For small business owners. We give you the base to hire exceptional people for your open roles, easily.